Client: Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital

            Dr. Kevin Petrecca

Producer: Heidi Small & Wendy Sculnick

Creative Director: Tara Baswani @ Lembas Works

Interactivity Designer: Vincent Pasquier @ Lembas Works

Production Director: Rémi Lemieux @ Lembas Works

Programmer: Philippe Hughes 

Creative Direction and Interactivity - The Neuro, Montreal

"Wonderland of the Brain" is an interactive, educational artwork created for "A Brilliant Night,2016", an initiative of The Neuro, Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital.

The installation creates a keyhole into the internal environment of the human brain, color coding original images procured from the Research Center Lab, to draw metaphors with the elements of nature, reminding audiences of the link between the human body and the biosphere. Soundscapes created from real heartbeats and lab machinery further enhance this connection. Built to provide a unique game like experience for an audience, it allows doctors to communicate their work in an engaging, contemporary format for future presentations and interactions with patients, as well.

Viewers play with a moving exploration of the inner mapping of astrocytes, neurons and stem cells, using a uniquely designed prop, simulating a medical probe. The user can then click on any cell to discover a fun fact regarding the machinations of each cell making for their own immersion into a Lab Experience.

It aims to honor the findings of The Neuro Doctors and their ground breaking research with Cancer Stem Cells.

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