Producer: Remi Lemieux @ Lembas Works

Artist: Tara Baswani

Quest: Origins 


Lembas in house creative director, Tara Baswani, launched her ambitious Audio Visual project, Quest: Origins which uses the Artist's journey as a metaphor to create human interest conversations.


The Mandate:The Live Quest Sessions were designed by Lembas to include changing set designs immersed in the natural architecture set ups, that changing venues would present. Art exhibits, innovative projections, and  education workshops were the cornerstones defined for this project. Alludes to Japanese Manga art, Indo Persian miniature work, Pastoral imagery, and Space Travel formed this eclectic moodboard.


Design with Purpose: An animation video constructed from a singular, paper free miniature artwork, to be the focal point of the artist's work, and live show imagery was constructed. 7 months of editing this work  with microscopic camera's ensured an innovative backdrop for shows.

Virtual Art Exhibits featuring works by global artists, supported with 2 D animation and stop motion ensure a minimal carbon footprint.  

Nomad Nation, Montreal was the launchpad for this conceptual show. and it has since travelled with it's digital, interactive entertainment, winning acolades at TIFF (2015), COP 21 (2015) and features on creative platforms like AUX TV.

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