Client: 45DEGREES / Cirque du Soleil

Producer: Yasmine Khalil

Line Producer: Nathalie Énault

Creative Director: Marie-Hélène Delage

Production Director: Rémi Lemieux @ Lembas Works

Technical Director: Éric Bouchard

Stage Director: Susan Gaudreau

Video Designer: Alexis Laurence

Sound Designer: Jean-Michel Caron

Composer: Maxim Lepage

Acro Designer: Nadia Richer

Rigging Designer: Pierre Masse

Costume Designer: Liz Vandal

Make-up Designer: Maryse Gosselin

Choreographer: James Gregg

Production Direction - 45DEGREES / Cirque du Soleil

MSC Cruises, the world’s largest privately owned cruise line, has teamed up with 45 DEGREES to set new a standard in live entertainment at sea with Cirque du Soleil at Sea.  

Through this partnership, 45 DEGREES will create and produce a total of 8 unique shows exclusively for MSC Cruises, on four different ships. Cirque du Soleil at Sea’s outstanding artists will deliver two unique shows on each ship, and perform in front of a 400-guest audience, six nights per week. 

This long-term partnership premiered on MSC Meraviglia in June 2017 and will be extended to her three sister ships, which will set sail in 2019 and 2020.

Since its inaugural cruise, MSC Meraviglia launched the first official Cirque du Soleil at Sea experience and became the first cruise ship to ever feature a custom entertainment lounge designed to meet the needs of Cirque du Soleil. 

Cirque du Soleil at Sea VIAGGIO
Cirque du Soleil at Sea - VIAGGIO is a journey into a painter’s imagination.

Cirque du Soleil at Sea SONOR
With sound at its heart, Cirque du Soleil at Sea - SONOR takes you on an auditory adventure.

Lembas was called in to act as Production Directors for this new, one-of-a-kind show that is set to revolutionize theme park entertainment. 

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