Client: Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital

Producer: Remi Lemieux @ Lembas Works

Sand Artist: Chloé Poirier-Sauvé

Score: Tara Baswani + Jean-Luc Huet @ Lembas Works

We are Nature, We are Science - McGill Neuro Gala 


"We are Nature, We are Science" is an evocative sand animation, art education project created for "A Brilliant Night 2016", and it's ongoing initiative to raise funds, as well as awareness for The Neuro, Montreal Neurological Institute, Hospital and it's research campaign.


The Mandate: A poetic, metaphorical interpretation of the birth, life and journey of the human Stem Cells... And the difficult narrative about the process that leads to this deadly disease.


Design with Purpose: This art video aims to showcase the groundbreaking research by The Neuro doctors in the field of Brain Cancer Research. Using animation storytelling with alludes to nature, it demystifies the complex, heart tugging medical reality and working of Brain Cancer, allowing doctors a simple tool to impart education in hospitals, presentations and online. Lembas designers were especially proud to use organic, recycled material through this process.

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